10685529_628631577264677_6481008379487345869_n copieRugby Pour Tous Europe developed from the passion of Rugby Pour Tous Benin and is committed to supporting them in their actions.

Rugby Pour Tous Benin, has been encouraging children off the streets and onto the rugby pitch since March 2014. The national Captain, Number 8 and representative for women’s rugby in Benin decided to act locally and ask for support from across the world. The charity was registered on August 15th 2014.

Hermann Gangnihessou, President of the charity, grew up on the streets of Benin then grew into being one of the country’s highest level tacklers. He believes that rugby can be an exceptional tool for social integration.

10345773_611290935665408_3997242779584932840_n copie“Rugby helped me discover the man that I really am. It gave me hope and self confidence; it made me become a gentleman. We hope to carry out our dream of creating a School of Rugby, with the support of the rugby players and supporters across the planet.”

Number 8 for the national team and accorded the title “Best Tackler” in the Super 16 Trophy, 2005, Herman has an eclectic team on board. Players or other, they are motivated and confident and above all committed to promoting the values that rugby is founded on:

Fraternity: a school of tolerance, a tool for emancipation and social integration.

Solidarity: generosity, sacrifice, humility and mutual understanding.

Physical discipline: personal commitment, desire to exceed oneself.

Loyalty: the moral code of the sport.

Respect: others and oneself.

Combating Violence: rugby’s role in education society.

Celebration: the show of sportsmanship is a show for everyone to celebrate!

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