rugby-pour-tous---benin-1-2015-01-18 copie copieCoach Evrard Gbozinkpa Edoh trains:

At the Cocotiers de la Haie Vive Elementary School in Cotonou,

  • around sixty 6 to 10 year olds on Saturday afternoons
  • around 20 girls aged 12 to 18 on Wednesday and Saturday mornings

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Weekly at the Gbégamey Elementary School

  • around 40 school children, following their request for training having noticed the training taking place in the Cocotiers school.

And also at “Citizens of the Street” centre in Sonagnon where children are taken in from the streets during the day.

10351678_628626813931820_4592145386883757065_n copie“Rugby is a sport that allows children to become adults and adults to stay children” Jean-Pierre Rives, Gloire du Sport




The Rugby Pour Tous Benin team have received visits and have co-coached training sessions with members of other registered charities: Rugby sans Frontières, SOUA Rugby Club from Albertville, Bordeaux action Solidarité Bénin and Les Ailes du savoir Paris.

We already have local support from companies such as the Tincy baker’s shop (Cotonou, Benin) and the Direction of the Cocotiers school allows the training to take place on their grounds as well as joining the children at the end of the training sessions to integrate educational activities to the sessions. In Europe the design agency Loup Design (France) is fully on board.

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Rugby pour Tous Europe has been created to build awareness and develop the idea of Global Citizenship. Its aim is to facilitate dialogue and exchange, sending equipment, funds and skills to Benin whilst bringing ideas and skills back from them. The charity is working with Cap Coopération, a regional organization specialized in sustainable activities and networking.

In 2015 the priority for Rugby pour Tous Europe is to develop relationships with European and Beninese actors in education, social integration, business and sport.

10891710_611278368999998_5619743278210535956_n copieWe hope to gain support of individuals and organizations to work together and brainstorm opportunities for developing opportunities for Benin in the northern hemisphere and to readdress the balance between Northern-Southern hemisphere exchanges.

Rugby Pour Tous Europe will also be a tool for companies to concretize their Social Responsibility policies.