Rugby for all

10915182_627850884009413_385207065961501781_n copieRugby Pour Tous Europe backs the initiatives to integrate young people in difficulty, taken by Rugby Pour Tous Benin. In their home country they aim to build awareness amongst rugby players and non-players of the Global Citizenship of rugby, social responsibility and exchange between the Southern and Northern hemispheres.

Made an official NGO on December 27th 14, Rugby Pour Tous Europe has the objective of:

  • Using rugby as a means integrating children in Benin into the education system and encouraging them off the streets.
  • Working with Rugby Pour Tous Benin, whose aim is to develop rugby for the youth of the country.
  • Promoting the existence of a Global Rugby Citizenship: players share the same game, same rules, and same values in Benin and across the globe.
  • Encouraging northern-southern hemisphere communication and exchange.

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